2,000+ Street Luminaires to Make a Difference in 90 Klaipėda Streets

In an ambitious move to light up the streets of Klaipėda district, Wilumi by Baltled will install 2,000 new streetlights. This significant project not only promises to enhance the aesthetic appeal of the region, but also aims to drastically improve the safety and comfort of its residents.

Project overview

The Klaipėda district’s initiative to upgrade its street lighting system has taken a major step forward. The project includes the upgrading of more than 250 km of existing networks, the replacement of about 3,000 old streetlights and the addition of 1,000 new ones. In addition, a further 71 km of new lighting networks will be installed over the next two years, bringing the total number of new streetlights to over 2,000 and illuminating more than 90 previously dark streets in the district.

Installing these LED streetlights is more than just upgrading infrastructure. It represents a significant improvement in the quality of life for the residents of the area, providing improved visibility, safety and reassurance, particularly at night.

Joint effort

A key aspect of this project is the public-private partnership between Klaipėda District Municipality, UAB “Baltled” and UAB “Išmanus gatvių apšvietimas”. This collaborative approach not only facilitates the efficient implementation of the project, but also ensures the sustainable management and maintenance of the lighting systems for the next 13 years.

Bronius Markauskas, the mayor of Klaipėda district, expressed his excitement about the project:

We’re proud to see over 90 previously unlit streets in the district lit up. This project is a significant step towards our goal of transforming the district’s street lighting and making our community a safer and more pleasant place to live.

By the end of 2025, the Klaipėda district will see a transformative change in its landscape. With 2,000 new streetlights, the streets will not only be brighter, but will also provide a safer environment for the community, demonstrating Wilumi’s commitment to improving urban life through innovative lighting solutions.