Renovated Darius and Girenas stadium

Project: 15-000 seat stadium
Location: Kaunas, Lithuania
Product | solution: Loonlux sportlights

To illuminate this 12,000 square-meter stadium, nearly 400 floodlights, each with a power rating of 900 W, were required. The total power consumption of the stadium’s lighting system is approximately 348 kW, and the luminaires collectively generate over 42,000,000 lumens. The lighting and control system is designed to meet the highest standards set by UEFA and the International Association of Athletics Federations.

Each luminaire is precisely aimed at specific locations on the stadium’s surface to achieve optimal lighting uniformity in both horizontal and vertical planes, as well as excellent adjacent lighting uniformity coefficients. The design goal for the luminaires was to ensure superior color fidelity, flicker-free performance even during slow-motion filming, and a long operational lifespan.

All installed luminaires can be controlled via computer or remote control, allowing individual adjustment of light output, programming of various lighting scenarios, and creation of special effects tailored for concert events. The lighting control system employs modern digital DMX controllers, enabling adaptation of illumination to suit various athletic events.