Warehouse of Harju Elekter

Project: Harju Elekter
Location: Vilnius, Lithuania
Product | Solution: Albatross, Fulmar

Covering an impressive 15,748 square meters, Harju Elekter, an electrical and automation solutions company, required a lighting solution that seamlessly combined efficiency and innovation.

The project was executed in two stages, with a total of 278 Albatross luminaires, each rated at 190W, installed to illuminate Harju Elekter’s warehouse areas. These luminaires are mounted at a height of 7.5 meters, ensuring optimal lighting conditions for the expansive space. The height allows for even light distribution, reducing shadows and enhancing visibility across the entire area.

In the production areas, Fulmar luminaires were installed to provide bright and efficient lighting. Known for their versatility and robust performance, Fulmar luminaires ensure that the production areas are well-lit, contributing to high productivity and precision. These luminaires deliver uniform illumination, eliminating dark spots and improving overall visibility.

Both Albatross and Fulmar luminaires combine reliability and efficiency, ensuring optimal lighting conditions in critical areas of the factory. Advanced LED technology in these luminaires reduces energy consumption while providing bright, clear light that improves operational accuracy. This energy efficiency leads to substantial cost savings over time, making it a sustainable choice for the factory.